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Case Study - Alpha

One of our longstanding customers who we have provided multifunctional devices asked us to complete and audit printing throughout each of their schemes.  We deployed our software at all 20 these offices to monitor usage over a two month period.

  • Utilise the companies buying power to unify the fleet of copiers and printers with a single manufacturer
  • Pricing Clarity – To have a set “cost per page” across the fleet eradicating toner costs and unknown labour costs and to include maintenance.
  • To reduce faxing costs:  This was upmost importance, to cut down the amount each scheme faxed and prepare a scanning policy to eradicate the need for extra phone lines.  The scan system meant that emails were received by the correct recipient, instead of a paper fax that could be mislaid
  • Free staff time: The management wanted us to provide a solution that would free up time for staff, which was wasted ordering for and administering the devices.
  • To reduce Operational Expenditure.

We installed our data capture software to scan the network providing usage statistics for each of the current Multifunctional Devices.

During our investigations we found that the customer was using a poor grade remanufactured toner.  This was causing a lot of poor copy quality problems and costly in time trying to rectify.

Although each scheme used a low volume of prints the current machines were uneconomical and unreliable.

Our Proposal
The company’s scheme office space was at a minimum, we had to find a solution that was both economical and space saving.  The need for only A4 printing helped us with the later.

No consolidation was needed; we simply replaced each Brother multifunctional device with a lower cost alternative which we determined to be an Olivetti D-Color MF2604.

During our print audit we calculated that the company was spending circa £1,389.00 + vat  per month on consumables and servicing, this was cut to £330 + vat per month with service included.  This gave a saving of almost £13,000.00 per annum, a huge saving in operational expenditure.

Print Managed Services will be used to monitor and service the equipment and keep to the highest level.

Our Microsoft Certified Professional Engineers were on site throughout the installation to make sure device integration went seamlessly, liaising with the IT department on a regular basis.

Full training on new scanning policies was enforced.   Personalised instruction booklets with step by step guides were left for reference.

We also set all machine’s to print in default Black & White to reduce any unwanted colour.

On Going Service Levels
CS Digital now manages all machines on the network remotely using our bespoke service software. The software alerts us when a machine is low on toner or requires maintenance, allowing us to be pro-active to our customers’ needs.   All machines report low toner levels and report any service needs!

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