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Case Study - Large Solicitors Practice

A Large Solicitors Practice in Liverpool City Centre spread over three floors asked us to provide a solution that allowed them to scan all incoming correspondence to be sent via email to employees. They also had a whole floor of document storage which had to be archived as a legal requirement.

Along with the scanning requirements the conveyancing department also needed to print in full colour at a low cost and secure printing was needed. Users needed to retrieve jobs via a pin code of documents that contained secure or sensitive information.

This large company also wanted to audit each department within the firm’s prints, scans and copies for budgeting purposes.  We also had to integrate the Multifunctional Equipment with Pro-Claim legal software.

The current setup included 28 separate printers split between 3 or 4 staff. The company was spending about £3,500 per month on consumables and parts for these aging machines.

There were also two current photocopiers which were unreliable and could not withstand the amount the business had grown over the last three years.  

CS Digital spent a day on site viewing how the company currently works, how documents were sent and stored.

Data was collected monitoring the amounts printed, scanned and copied.  We used this data to provide a solution that would allow for future growth of this expanding business.
We consolidated printers and only left five desktop machines for fee earners and company directors.

We proposed to use document processors with a straight through paper path; this resulted in less jams and quicker output, increasing productivity and time.

Biometric finger print scanners where installed on the three multifunctional devices allowing users to securely and quickly retrieve print jobs stored in the document memory without having to remember and enter pin numbers.  This also improved job security.  Scanning to Email was used to distribute documents and jobs to users via their email server,  SMB scanning was implemented to store jobs for archiving.  The archiving of jobs allowed the company to save space, allowing more expansion and utilising space without moving premises.

The current spend of £3,500 per month on consumables was reduced drastically to just under £1,200 per month.

All ongoing support is provided under a cost per click, our bespoke print managed service reports faults, toner levels and meter readings remotely without any customer intervention.

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