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PageScope Workware is a powerful, easy–to–use application that simplifies the process of working with scanned documents. You can scan documents direct to your PC, preview files as thumbnail images, convert file formats –– then drag–and–drop entire documents, text pages, charts or images to create new PDF documents from different sources. You can also use OCR to perform full–text search or search files by keywords, tags, annotations, or dates. Also full layout OCR can be performed by dragging image file on the MS Word icon on the launch bar. When you’re ready, you can print files or send them as Email attachments with drag–and–drop simplicity. PageScope Workware gives individuals in workgroups and small businesses a real boost in productivity –– because it saves time and money by helping you work more efficiently.

Your Own FTP Server
PageScope Workware automatically sets up a simple FTP server on your computer. To bring documents into your personal file cabinet, just use the Scan–to–FTP command on your Konica Minolta bizhub device –– and the file will be saved directly to your computer.

Preview Thumbnail Images
What’s in each file? You can know in an instant, by previewing small low–resolution thumbnail images of files without opening the application that created them. You can adjust images by size and rotate them horizontally or vertically. You can also view files in list form, with information such as file size and last date modified.

Enhance Images
Powerful image enhancement features let you correct and enhance scanned images to make them easier to work with. You can rotate images to straighten them, remove color background or color interference, delete “bleed–through” from the reverse side of pages, and correct and enhance digital color photos.

Group Related Documents
All of the documents that relate to a project can be grouped together in virtual files. Text files, photo images, graphics and spreadsheets will all be available together –– and your originals won’t be affected.

Search by Any Criteria
PageScope Workware gives you many ways to find what you’re looking for. You can search files by filename, date, keyword, sticky notes, tags or added information. You can also combine search criteria –– or perform comprehensive full–text search and retrieval on files converted by OCR (Optical Character Recognition) processing.

Index Documents
When saving files, you can add descriptive tags, markers, keywords –– even individual notes stored in separate files so other users can open documents in their original form.

Work in Simple Page Units
You can divide and edit documents into “page units” for editing or merging. You can also easily rearrange and extract pages from multipage documents and insert white pages at chapter or section breaks.

Create New Documents More Easily
PageScope Workware gives you a fast, simple tool for combining paragraphs, pages, charts, graphs, photos and presentation screens –– regardless of format. For example, start with a product shot from a digital camera, add key advantages from a PowerPoint presentation, text from a Word document, and specifications from an Excel file –– then save the result as a PDF sell sheet you can easily print, attach to an Email, or save for future use.

Combine File Formats
Both scanned documents and electronic files can be viewed as thumbnail images, so it’s easier to identify them and combine their information.

Manage Files Your Own Way
There’s no need to scan files to a central server, which may be structured in a complex or confusing way and will have many files and folders that don’t interest you. With PageScope Workware, you can scan files to an FTP server set up on your own computer –– and organize them the way that best suits your needs.

Find What You Need More Quickly
Because PageScope Workware lets you preview files as thumbnail images, you won’t have to open their application to see what’s in them.

Search with Greater Flexibility
When you’re searching for specific information, you’ll have the flexibility to use whatever criteria work best –– filename, date, keyword, even a combination of search criteria to zero in on the precise data you want.

Use the Power of OCR
PageScope Workware lets you perform full–text search on large text files or other files that have been OCR–converted. Just type in a word, and the document that contains it will be brought up immediately.

Save Time, Eliminate Re–scanning
Why re–scan an image that’s off–center or lopsided? PageScope Workware lets you manipulate and correct an image you’ve already scanned, saving time and giving you files that are easier to work with.

Make Digital Photos Look Better
You can correct digital photo images for common problems like overexposure and backlighting –– then view your enhanced results side by side with the original images to compare both versions.

Send Documents in a SharePoint Server Environment
Just by drag–and–drop send entitled documents in a Microsoft SharePoint Server environment with check–in, check–out and publish attribute.