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PageScope Workware

Documents keep coming. Files keep growing. Formats keep changing. The challenge is finding an easy way to store, search, access and combine all that electronic information so you can create and find documents when you need them –– and Konica Minolta has the solution.

PageScope Workware is a powerful, easy–to–use application that simplifies the process of working with scanned documents. You can scan documents direct to your PC, preview files as thumbnail images, convert file formats –– then drag–and–drop entire documents, text pages, charts or images to create new PDF documents from different sources. You can also use OCR to perform full–text search or search files by keywords, tags, annotations, or dates. Also full layout OCR can be performed by dragging image file on the MS Word icon on the launch bar. When you’re ready, you can print files or send them as Email attachments with drag–and–drop simplicity.

PageScope Workware gives individuals in workgroups and small businesses a real boost in productivity –– because it saves time and money by helping you work more efficiently.