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Olivetti d-colour MF3000

Everyone knows that small businesses and individual departments often have the same requirements as big companies in terms of a printing system, be it printing, copying, scanning or faxing. However, the existing print stock is frequently undersized and overworked. As a compact A4 colour system, Olivetti's d-colour MF 3000 offers users who previously used small desktop printers high quality and valuable additional functions and that often even at a lower price than before.

Reasonably priced to buy and operate
When buying a new printing system it is important to not only consider the purchase price but to also check the predicted running costs, as they are the key figure throughout the run-period. The MF3000 is both cheap to buy and run. The hardware's value for money is impressive, because the comprehensive printing, copying, scanning and fax functions are as much a part of the standard model as the advanced network and security features. Furthermore, the MF3000 prints extremely cheaply and thus improving the cost situation of businesses in the long run.

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